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Pop-up Kiosk Event Dome for Tour of Britain Women’s Cycling

Pop-up Kiosk Event Dome for Tour of Britain Women’s Cycling

The Pop-up Banners outdoor kiosk event dome

We used the tent as an information point within our event village on race days. It allowed us to set up a professional hub for the public to come and find out more about the race, purchase programmes, etc. The circular nature was very spectator-friendly and enabled people to approach and interact with us seamlessly. Our events are all outdoors and the tent gave us and our equipment safe from rain and sun.

I asked some of the team who used the pop-up kiosk event dome during the cycle events for their feedback – their thoughts are below if you're interested:

It's an easy unit to put together and de-rig, although it definitely needs 2 people to lift the canopy up and over/off again.
It seemed to stand the rigours of being carried around and put up/down each day fairly well. Protects from sun and also rain.

Outdoor pop-up kiosk event dome

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