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Branded Pop Up Kiosk used at RAF Fairford

Branded Pop Up Kiosk used at RAF Fairford

Event Pop-up Kiosk used at RAF Fairford show

Congratulations to the RAF, celebrating their centenary this year! From 13-15th July 2018, the Royal International Air Tattoo takes place in RAF Fairford. Joanna Vaughan, Merchandise Executive for the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust Enterprises tells us why they use eleven of our Pop Up Kiosks at this spectacular event:

Q1. Where did you first see the Pop Up Kiosk/Event Bar?
We met Pop Up Banners at the Showman’s Show in Newbury.

(Great - come and see us again this year!

Q2. How do you use your branded Pop Up Kiosk?
We use our eleven Pop Up Kiosks as souvenir programme and merchandise sales outlets at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT.)

Q3. We have seen fantastic photographs of the Pop Up Kiosk outdoors. How do you find setting it up and putting it down?
Both are very easy (although having a tall person comes in handy when we put the dome on the base!). We have eleven to put up across the show site and can have them all up and in situ within two hours. 

Q4. Why do you think the Pop Up Kiosk works well for selling merchandising? We mainly use them for selling souvenir programmes and merchandise, as the height makes them easy for customers to spot and navigate towards. We keep the bulk of our stock in a small van nearby to keep it secure, but there is plenty of room in the Pop Up Kiosk for our sales team and stock.

Q5. How flexible is the Pop Up Kiosk for your needs?
The separate top and bottom sections are useful, as, although they are very sturdy, when the wind picks up we sometimes have to remove the dome because of the risk to aircraft.

Q6. Would you recommend the Pop Up Kiosk to our other customers?
Yes, it provides a clear focal point for customers, meaning that they can see it even in a crowd.

Q7. How do you find our ordering process?
Very straight forward and quick. 

Q8. Will you order again?

Q9. Do you have any other comments?
It would be helpful if we could get the counter tops in the same smooth finish as the internal shelves. Because the domes are great at allowing wind to pass through them, if it’s windy or wet it becomes difficult to display smaller, lighter stock. We introduced posters of items which could then be stuck to the counter tops in place of displaying physical stock, but because the surface is not smooth the posters do not stay put.

(Thanks for this feedback – we are actually working on our next version of the shelves which can be made to match brand colours and are a smoother material. Hope this helps!) 

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