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Event Pop-up Kiosk for Crans Montana Aminona

Event Pop-up Kiosk for Crans Montana Aminona

Event Pop-up Kiosk, easy to use and versatile

We caught up with Justine Colica, Events Co-ordinator at Crans Montana Aminona (CMA) to find out how her Pop-Up Kiosk was working for her mountain-top resort events:

Q1. Where did you first see the Pop-Up Kiosk/Event Bar?
I started working at Crans Montana Aminona (CMA) in November. That was the first time I saw the Pop-Up Kiosk/Event Bar. My colleagues were already using it, so I didn’t come up with the idea, but just continued to use it for our events. 

Q2. How do you use your branded Pop-Up Kiosk?
I use it during small events, to promote the activities on the slopes, the weekly events, to give give-aways, to serve free hot beverages, chocolates and biscuits. Basically, I use it to represent the company on the slopes. 

Q3. We have seen fantastic photographs of the Pop-Up Kiosk in the snow. How do you find setting it up and putting it down outside?
It’s very easy and intuitive. The only slight problem is the resistance of the storage bags in our rather extreme conditions. They are quite fragile and they are easily ripped in the snow. 

 (Thanks for the feedback, Justine. We’re actually looking into some new luggage-style bags for a more rugged storage solution.)

Q4. Do you use the Pop-Up Kiosk for children’s activities? What do they think of your Pop-Up Kiosk? 
I used it just once with children, to offer them a free make-up session during Carnival. It was great! They really enjoyed the stand, because it looks like an igloo, and in the snow it’s really eye-catching. 

Q5. Would you recommend the Pop-Up Kiosk to our other customers? 
I would definitely recommend it. The stand is eye-catching, the design is pretty and the customer service is very efficient! 

Q6. How do you find our ordering process?
It has been easy. Nothing at all to complain about. 

Q7. Will you order again?
If we need other promotional material, I would definitely order again. 

Q8. Do you have any other comments?
As I told Sean, I just have an observation about the structure of the stand. It’s the only part that has been damaged very quickly, even on the stand we had before. I do admit that we use it a lot, on outdoor events. Perhaps you could build a future model in a stronger material.

(Thanks Justine. We are also looking at ways to strengthen the frame material. Hopefully Sean’s recent visit was helpful to explain how to unclip all of the hooks before dismantling, that will avoid this kind of damage.) 

Event pop-up kiosk for Crans Montana Aminona

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